Friday, February 24, 2012

Prostate Cancer the Ornish Way

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"People often think that advances in medicine have to be a new drug, a new laser, or a surgical intervention to be powerful—something really high-tech and expensive. They often have a hard time believing that the simple choices that we make in our lives each day—what we eat, how we respond to stress, whether or not we smoke, how much we exercise and the quality of our relationships—can make such a powerful difference in our health, our well-being, and our survival, but they often do."

"More recently, Dr. Ornish and colleagues published a randomized controlled trial in collaboration with Peter Carroll, M.D. (Chair of Urology at the School of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco) and William Fair, M.D. (Chair of Urologic Oncology at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, now deceased) showing that the progression of early-stage prostate cancer may be stopped or perhaps even reversed by making similar changes in diet and lifestyle. This was the first randomized controlled trial showing that the progression of any type of cancer may be modified just by changing what we eat and how we live. What’s true for prostate cancer may be true for breast cancer as well."

With brilliant healthcare pioneers like Dean Ornish, MD guiding us, I don't even have to write a word for this blog. The two paragraphs above are taken directly from his website:  Read more by going to this link.

I was fortunate to hear Dr. Ornish speak at the 17th International Symposium on Functional Medicine in 2010! He is a doctor that we can all learn from.

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