Friday, December 30, 2011

No Heart Attack 4 You?

Omega-3 fats (technically fatty acids, found abundantly in fish) are essential to human health. They reduce inflammation, and have benefits for every organ in our bodies, including heart, brain, eyes, and joints.

It is medical fact that most Americans have omega-3 levels in their bodies that are so low as to cause a wide variety of symptoms and put us at greater risk for pain, illness, disability and death.

Is having fish once a week enough? No; not unless you like to gamble with your health and your life. You need to be tested to see if you have enough of these critical fats to help protect you from heart disease, cancer, diabetes, neurological problems, anxiety, depression, skin problems, arthritis, pain, and much more ...

While many Americans simply take drugs to cover these maladies, research has shown that making sure that one has healthy levels of omega-3 fats can often improve or resolve them.

In our office we now offer a simple finger-stick, at-home test for measuring omega-3 levels and 20 other fatty acids including trans fats, saturated fats, and omega-6 fats. The test is from OmegaQuant. The cost to our patients is $130, which includes a follow-up visit to discuss the results.

You test the oil level in your car regularly because your engine will be damaged if the level falls too low. It is time for your first oil check for your body. Don't let yourself break down.

Contact us to get tested.

Saturday, December 24, 2011


car's heater just beginning to put out
tipping toward warmth
comfort in the process
interrupted by fearful imaginings
of those cold
without promise of shelter ...
still grateful
but troubled

KY 12/24/11

Friday, December 23, 2011

The American Chiropractic Association

Holiday Survival : Chiropractic Care Information – From The American Chiropractic Association

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Kids' Food-Induced Behavior Wreaking Havoc on Your Holidays?

photo courtesy Citril @ Flickr
An enormous number of American families suffer with children with food-induced challenging behavior. For many, the stress of these behaviors damages the entire family.

Many families don't even realize that everyday foods can turn an otherwise wonderful child into a Mr. Hyde. Still others see their children negatively affected by foods but can't face working to make the needed changes.

Some families recognize food effects, experiment with foods, and make changes that bring joy and sanity back into their lives. Here is one such family ....

"Hello Dr. Young,

Well the results are in from our two week experiment. We added dairy and sugar back into the kids' diet and their energy level [a gentle way of saying hyperactivity] shot back up. My daughter has had some pretty intense meltdowns and the all too familiar unresponsiveness when being talked to has returned.

During the two weeks it seemed like their energy level was much more manageable and they were easier to be around and interact with overall. My daughter's nightmares lessened, she seemed more rested and easier to wake up in the morning. Her tantrums and meltdowns, while stiill present were significantly less traumatic for all of us.

Needless to say we will be considering making some major changes to our diet and possibly trying another experiment with gluten after the New Year!

I can honestly say that I didn't miss the dairy and I felt so much better without it!

Thank you so much!"

Consider a holiday gift for your kids and for your family; find and remove the behavior-altering foods from your diets. This is a gift that keeps on giving; your children will do better in school, and socially. Do it for your kids, and for your own sanity.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

8 Year-Old Knows His Vitamins

Daniel Hrabak of Ventura, CA is 8 years-old. With the help of his wonderful parents, Renee and James; and with my help since he was 3 years-old; Daniel can rattle off the valuable nutritional supplements that he takes. Many adults would be fortunate to be as engaged and knowledgeable as Daniel in this area.

We, and medical science, know that most Americans are deficient in a number of nutrients. It is critical that we all give thought to, and have a plan for how we are going to meet our nutritional needs, and the needs of our children. Daniel and his family are helping to lead the way by practicing good nutrition and by sharing their experience with the world.

Watch Daniel as he stars in his first YouTube video! - less than one minute long

Ventura Chiropractic & Massage

Friday, December 9, 2011

Welcome to Medicare - How's Your Vitamin D?

"Medicare covers all the costs for a one-time, comprehensive “Welcome to Medicare” preventive visit during the first 12 months that you have Part B." At least that's what it says on the site.

How do you like that tagline, "My start to a healthy future."? At 65, one is going to "start" toward a healthy future? At 65, the future is now. On the positive side, at least it's a positive outlook.

I ran into my wonderful friend, Bill, at Rainbow Bridge yesterday. He recently turned 65 and very recently had one of these "preventive visits".

The first thing he told me about the visit was that he had had his Vitamin D levels tested and that his levels were low; 19 ng/ml. He didn't know it at the time, but this level is dangerously low. The broadly healthy range is 30-100. Truly healthy is probably more in the range of 60-100.

So here is what I think is important here:
  1. How wonderful that Medicare covers Vitamin D testing!
  2. How wonderful that Bill's MD ordered the Vitamin D test without being asked by the patient, Bill.
  3. Bill has suffered with arthritis for many years; his arthritis could have been worsened, or been caused by his Vitamin D deficiency.
  4. Bill's MD told him to take 5,000 iu of D3 daily; I told him to take 10,000 iu/day.
  5. Retesting needs to take place in 2-3 months to accurately determine how much D he should take each day.
  6. I have heard that Medicare will only pay for testing Vitamin D one time per year; not soon enough for Bill.
  7. Major medical labs in the US have been charging as much as $250 for a Vitamin D test. At this time, I can provide the same exact test for my patients for $50 (cash only basis). Friends don't let friends flush $200 down a toilet.

  1. Regardless of whether you are of Medicare age, have you started toward your "healthy future"?
  2. Regardless of your age, what is your blood level of Vitamin D?
  3. Did you know that most Americans have low levels of Vitamin D in their blood?
  4. Can you name 5 serious risks of being Vitamin D deficient?
Amazing what can come out of a simple trip to my local health food store!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Dr Mehmet Oz and I Are Almost Friends

Oz, you know, Oprah's doctor.

I learned yesterday that filming would take place today at Dr. Oz's studio, for a future segment on "food as medicine". Oz recruited four doctors for the show; David Perlmutter, MD, Wendy Warner, MD, Mark Hyman, MD, and Susan Blum, MD (left to right in photo).

The theme "food as medicine" is powerful and still not understood by our culture. To the degree that we begin to learn and practice using our food to heal us, we will individually and as a nation be healthier, and we will spend less on disease.

These doctors that Oz has brought together are brilliant and inspiring leaders! First, I encourage you to watch this program on The Dr. Oz Show, and second, choose one of these doctors to follow and learn from. I assure you, you will learn a lot, and will be healthier and happier for it.

So ... , I say that Oz and I are almost friends, because Perlmutter, Hyman and Blum are all friends of mine. Through attendance for years at the annual International Symposium on Functional Medicine, I have come to know them, and greatly appreciate them. I figure it is just a matter of time before I meet Memhet.

Maybe, right now, Dr. Oz and his team are looking for a Functional Medicine Chiropractor to have on the show. I'm busy, but I could make the time. And maybe, David, Mark and Susan will put in a good word for me.