Friday, November 18, 2016

Is It Safe for You to Consider Your Own Health?

I read the yellow warning label below the video frame on YouTube. I am trying to be considerate. I did think twice.

And, certainly, we would want to be cautious when considering the healing properties of food, and when looking for the root causes of chronic diseases, and when thinking about whether or not symptom suppression is ultimately beneficial.

That considered, Dr. Chatterjee is not just smart, he is on track!

Think about your own health at your own risk. And if you are feeling brave, click the link below and watch the 20 minute TEDx talk by Dr Chatterjee

James Maskell #FunctionalMedicine

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Greatest Medical/Health Educator the World Has Ever Known

Given that there is no Hall of Fame, and to my knowledge, no ranking process of individuals who have contributed notably to medical/health education world-wide, I respectfully submit that Jeffrey Bland, PhD, the founder of the Institute for Functional Medicine may well be the most important medical/health educator of all time.

Dr. Bland's research, writing, and lecturing have influenced healthcare practitioners of many disciplines around the world for four decades. His creation in 1991 and his ongoing dissemination of the paradigm of Functional Medicine have improved healthcare and saved lives throughout the world.

A Nobel Prize in Medicine in my humble opinion is deserved.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Kid Driving You Nuts?

#Parents your #pickyeater 6 year-old is no fool. Tell him about the correlation between his #lowdiversity #diet and his low-diversity #microbiome and the probable resultant effects on his #mood, #behavior and #cognition. He'll work with you to make his diet more #diverse. Everybody wins!

WARNING: you will probably do better with this if you have a smart doctor assisting you.