Friday, February 24, 2012

Prostate Cancer the Ornish Way

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"People often think that advances in medicine have to be a new drug, a new laser, or a surgical intervention to be powerful—something really high-tech and expensive. They often have a hard time believing that the simple choices that we make in our lives each day—what we eat, how we respond to stress, whether or not we smoke, how much we exercise and the quality of our relationships—can make such a powerful difference in our health, our well-being, and our survival, but they often do."

"More recently, Dr. Ornish and colleagues published a randomized controlled trial in collaboration with Peter Carroll, M.D. (Chair of Urology at the School of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco) and William Fair, M.D. (Chair of Urologic Oncology at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, now deceased) showing that the progression of early-stage prostate cancer may be stopped or perhaps even reversed by making similar changes in diet and lifestyle. This was the first randomized controlled trial showing that the progression of any type of cancer may be modified just by changing what we eat and how we live. What’s true for prostate cancer may be true for breast cancer as well."

With brilliant healthcare pioneers like Dean Ornish, MD guiding us, I don't even have to write a word for this blog. The two paragraphs above are taken directly from his website:  Read more by going to this link.

I was fortunate to hear Dr. Ornish speak at the 17th International Symposium on Functional Medicine in 2010! He is a doctor that we can all learn from.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Patients and Friends

Photo by Rob Varela, Ventura County Star
So, I'm driving home this evening, iPhone ear buds in, singing along with the Beatles' A Hard Day's Night, when my smart phone makes that little bobbling ring that tells me something just came in from Facebook. Can't check it till I get home, but when I do, here is the message I find from a patient-friend ...

"my 17 year old son came into my office today all excited to show me your picture in the paper. i haven't seen you and jo in quite a long time and you both look so fantastic and young! i enjoyed reading about your experiences in the peace corps...had no idea!"

I share this brief story because it gives you a glimpse into one of the greatest blessings of my life; the blending of my patients and friends; through Facebook and other channels!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Spinal Fusion: a Last Resort

In the low back, or lumbar spine, spinal fusion is usually a final attempt to stabilize a part of the spine that just won't heal. Sadly, it is common that individuals undergoing this procedure have never been advised to consider their standard American diet (SAD) as a probable contributor or cause of the inability of their spine to heal. Last ditch surgeries are performed commonly before the patient has made changes in his highly inflammatory diet.

The Ventura County Star recently featured a story on failed fusions.

Diet, including components such as sugars, alcohol, and food allergens such as dairy and gluten (protein in wheat) must be discussed with patients. Common foods in the SAD can interfere, in many cases, with the healing of a low back pre or post surgery.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

I Am and We Are

Tonight Community of Health Ventura came together for our monthly gathering. We watched the documentary, "I Am". Each one of us was powerfully touched by the film. The film helps us know and feel that we are all one, and gives us concrete direction to help ourselves and our world get healthier!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Chiropractor Treating Alcoholism?

Could a chiropractor treat alcoholism?

Wouldn't that question bring up the critical questions consistently posed by Functional Medicine practitioners; what are the causes of alcoholism, and does all alcoholism arise from the same causes?

Might also bring up the question of what chiropractors do. Do they just adjust spines (crack backs)?

Today I felt like opening up a few cans of healthy worms.

I will close with a couple of what I think are smart statements from a well-known innovator, that I think bear on this worm-can opening:

"If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thing, you're right.
I am looking for a lot of men who have an infinite capacity to not know what can't be done."
Henry Ford

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Organic Biting?


I may be naive, but this issue of Organic Bytes looks more like Organic Bites to me.

I have inserted above a copy of the top of today's e-mail from the Organic Consumers Association (OCA). Please note that in the headline we are told that Monsanto and Big Ag are "Trying to Kill You". While I firmly believe that Monsanto and Big Ag are sickening us, killing many of us, and a major threat to our national and global security, I do not believe that they are "Trying to Kill" us.

Note the first paragraph, "Energy-intensive industrial farming practices that rely on toxic chemicals and genetically engineered crops are not just undermining public health, they're destroying the planet." I couldn't agree more.

"Trying to Kill You" is just untrue. Stating things like this weakens, or kills the credibility of those of us who work toward a healthy and sustainable food system and planet.

What do you bet I will get called a traitor? What do you be I'll get called worse things? But it won't kill me.

I am grateful to the OCA and to every other organization and person that works to create a safer and more just life for all.