Saturday, March 24, 2012

Take the Plunge ... Elimination Diet

I have had another great day at the office; pretty common. That doesn't mean that I am numb to great days at the office. On the contrary, they inspire me.

So I finished seeing patients and was checking my e-mail. And this is what I found from a long-time patient, a married, working-outside-the-home, mother of three.

"Hi Kris,

Well, I’ve decided to take the plunge and do an elimination diet. I’m tired of talking about what bothers my family food-wise and waffling back and forth about what we should eat and not eat.   My husband and son are my main motivation for doing it, but I know the rest of us need it also.  It includes a 2 day detox of green smoothies (for just my husband & I) with the rest of the elimination part being 28 days.  I was wondering if you have a few minutes if you could give me some tips that might help.

I am providing the link for the diet we  are doing.  I also wanted to ask that if you have any extra greens that you give away, if you would consider contributing to our family.  If you don’t, no worries.

We will be going Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free on Friday the 30th, with the above diet starting Monday April 2.

Any advice would be appreciated.

With Love,

A patient

P.S. I may try and document the process for you if you are interested in it for others."

I am thrilled! I have been gently, lovingly talking with this patient for years about the need for more dietary change for her family. She is ready; in her own time! And I am here to support her!

This communication from this patient and what it represents regarding her family's ability to be healthy, and regarding the effectiveness of our healing relationship is an example of what I referred to at the beginning of this post as what makes for a great and inspiring day for this doctor!

Are you ready to take the plunge into greater health for yourself and your family?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Ornish Spectrum

Dr. Ornish and Dr. Young
DeanOrnish, MD @DeanOrnishMD and I tweeted back and forth today, and he asked me, “How do you usually respond to stressors?”

This is my response to Dr. Ornish, that I also wish to share with you;

The simple answer is that I try to stack the deck to give me, others, and our world the reserves, the resiliency, and the connections to enable us to roll with change.

In my imperfectness, I TRY to get enough sleep, breathe deeply, practice yoga, raise organic vegetables, drink fresh green vegetable juice, eat unAmericanly large servings of green vegetables each day, walk daily, tell others directly of my love for them, hug, wear a peace symbol, show obvious care, see and feel the magnitude of pain and suffering in the world, experience hope, welcome the tears that so often come to my eyes, express gratitude for all that offer me their love. I’m just TRYING.

Knowing of individuals like you, Dr. Ornish, influences my experience of stress. Your rational and loving guidance in our world, is calming and uplifting. What you are doing, interests me enough that I am looking into training to become a certified provider for your program, The Ornish Spectrum.