Tuesday, January 31, 2012


This is not I "blinked" as in a showdown, but I "BLINCt" as in a show up.

I was invited to speak this Monday evening to, and with a group, 25 as it turned out, of Ojai teens, from 15-18 years old, about health. The event was a weekly gathering of BLINC (Building Lives Inc), a program of the Ojai Valley Youth Foundation (OCYF).

The evening program included dinner, readings of original writings by members, my talk and a Q&A session. We talked about what doctoring is, about the major factors that influence health and disease, and about how fortunate they are to be able to consider health at their age. I demonstrated some chiropractic evaluation and some spinal manipulation. A few teens told me that they were going to take my suggestion and try removing dairy products from their diets to see if they felt better.

I was so impressed with these young people! their writings! their intelligence! their maturity! their behavior! their questions! I was also impressed with the OVYF program director, Meg Wall, who coordinated and moderated the gathering! She obviously has the trust and respect of the participants.

The impression that I have of BLINC is that it is an invitation to local youth to show up to meet others and to better know themselves in a setting in which each individual is valued and respected. What an opportunity!

I love teens and I love health! It was a great evening!

I'm so glad I showed up. So glad I BLINCt.


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