Monday, January 9, 2012

46 Year-Old Biologist Reverses Degenerative Arthritis of the Spine in 6 Weeks

That's right! A 46 year-old biologist reversed his degenerative spinal arthritis in just 6 weeks!

But here is what is really surprising! Within this blog post, you will find neither an 800 number nor a URL for a website from which you can order magic pills for $39.95, with a second bottle absolutely free, including shipping and handling, with an unconditional money-back guarantee of satisfaction (minus a $36.95 restocking fee) so that you too can experience these miraculous results. Instead, what you will find are the simple, rational therapies of Functional Medicine that you will be able, without risk or charge, to try out for yourself.

When I first saw this patient, he had been experiencing chronic low back pain for some time. On his first visit I found the joints of his spine to be stiff and restricted, and found the muscles of his spine to be excessively tight. My attempts to manipulate his spine met with little success. Stiff joints, tight muscles and a spine that is not amenable to manipulation are hallmarks of degenerative spinal arthritis.

I explained to the patient that most Americans have insufficient magnesium in their diets and in their bodies, and that without adequate magnesium, ones muscles cannot fully relax. I told him that reactions to foods are one of the most common causes of arthritis, and that dairy products are one of the most common offending foods.  I reminded him of the critical importance of daily stretching to maintain spinal and general health. And I ordered an MRI of the his low back to help me evaluate the condition of his spine.

When the radiologist's report arrived on my desk, I was not surprised to read his description of the degenerative spinal arthritis and the mild disc protrusion.

Six weeks passed before I saw the patient for his second visit. He reported that his low back pain had lessened, that he had been taking magnesium, that he had reduced his dairy intake and that he had been stretching regularly.

This time, manipulation of his spine was easier; joints that would not release at the time of the first visit, now moved. His joint function and muscle tone were not optimal, but they were better. He had reversed the arthritis in his spine.

Now, let's be clear here, I did not say that he was cured, and I did not say that his condition was resolved. I said that his degenerative spinal arthritis was reversed; the direction or trajectory of the condition was reversed from worsening to improving. Given that pain and progressive loss of mobility are classic signs of degenerative arthritis, it is reasonable that decreased pain and increased joint mobility are signs of the reversal of the condition. It is a great start.

Note that these improvements were achieved without drugs or expensive treatments. Note that these simple treatments address causes of arthritis. Note that not only did his symptom, pain, diminish, but the function of his spine improved. Note that this was achieved without attempt to cover or mask the symptom.

This is not a miracle story. On the contrary; this is commonplace in a Functional Medicine practice.

Written by Dr. Young, a Ventura Chiropractor.

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