Thursday, December 31, 2009

Leaning Toward Health

Finishing up my office work for this year, I wrote the following note to a patient.

"As I said to you yesterday, my advice is that you become joyfully very-involved in the monitoring and improving of your health. I am concerned that anything less than this, given your current state of being, would put you at further risk. And, of course, it is more fun  and functional to be involved in your life and health."

I realize that this advice really applies to each of us. Who do you know who is joyfully very-involved in the monitoring and improving of his or her health? Regardless of our current state of being, we would be wise to be leaning toward health. Illness and pain will find enough of us on their own.

As I have been recommending to you for some time, please start this New Year with a resolution to create a health notebook for yourself and your children. Imagine what you will be communicating to yourself, your family, and your doctors when you arrive at each doctor's visit with your notebook and the sense that you are engaged in your health.

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