Saturday, October 24, 2015

How to Find a Good Chiropractor: Trick or Treat?

BEWARE!!! when looking for advice on the Internet about how to find a good chiropractor! On a site that looked legit, I found the following:

"A good place to start is to ask a primary care physician, physical therapist, or spine specialist for recommendations of chiropractors who they view as competent and trustworthy."

Now some of my best friends are primary care medical doctors, but WOW!!! If you were going to pick the 3 healthcare specialties that have had the worst bad blood with the chiropractic profession, you would be talking these three. So, this "legit" site recommends that we ask the fox for a recommendation for someone to guard the hen house.

Note also that the statement from the "legit" site as much as says that ALL primary care physicians, physical therapists, and spine specialist are competent and trustworthy, while you will have to filter the chiropractors to find those qualities. My advice is that one would be wise to filter through all of these groups to find the truly competent and trustworthy.

For clarity, things are changing; improving. I have treated dozens of medical doctors. And I am not saying that chiropractors have not contributed to the bad blood; we have.

If you are looking for a little more and want to find a GREAT chiropractor, click on this link!

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