Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Diabetes on the Run through Functional Medicine

Fact: some Type 2 diabetics can become no longer diabetic. With no insulin or other glucoregulating medications.

I am not there yet with a current 68 year-old patient. But, in three weeks of active treatment he has been able to reduce his insulin by 1/3!

He is on 7 drugs for high blood pressure, and during the same 3 weeks his systolic blood pressure (the high number) has dropped from 150 to 120!

Yes, he has lost about 15 pounds at the same time!

How, you ask. No gluten. No dairy. Better diet. More veggies. Magnesium glycinate, B-complex, potent multivitamin/multimineral, fish oil, and lipoic acid. A change from hopelessness to a science-based awareness that it is probable that his health can improve. Real caring. And some good old-fashion chiropractic spinal adjusting.

This might be called Functional Medicine. As my patient and I choke back our tears, we call it a blessing.

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