Friday, April 23, 2010


Gormon Servasta, a medical neurologist from Oklahoma, recently wrote to John Cannell, MD, the Executive Director of the Vitamin D Council in San Luis Obispo, CA, to share his experiences of the benefits of Vitamin D for his patients.

Dr. Servasta reported that all of his patients with sleep disorders had low blood levels of Vitamin D and that when the patients’ blood levels were brought above 50 ng/ml through supplementation, that their sleep improved and secondarily several of their neurologic problems, improved, especially their headaches.

Additionally, Dr. Servasta reports that many neurologic disorders respond to supplementation with Vitamin D. They include improved sleep, seizures, headaches, vertigo, tremor, gait problems, Parkinson's, depression, psychosis, and hypertension (high blood pressure).

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To learn more about Vitamin D and to protect yourself and your family from numerous health problems and serious diseases, go to the Vitamin D Council’s website at and sign up for their free newsletter.


  1. Kris, quick question. I am currently chewing on some Trader Joes multi-vitamins. I an trying to keep up with one a day after dinner, (as directed on the bottle). Is there any other brand out there that you'd recommend that's either chewable or swallowed? I don't "need" to switch, but figured I'd ask. Thanks!

  2. Sir Daniel,
    Sorry your post got by me.
    Most all chewable multivitamins have very low levels of vitamins and minerals.
    There are many excellent swallowable multivitamins. We use and carry one from Metabolic Maintenance called The Big One.
    It is important for us to recognize the limitations of a multivitamin. A single pill to meet broad nutritional needs is unrealistic. But it is a good start.
    Kris :)