Thursday, October 20, 2011

Life Hard Enough?

photo courtesy of tourist on earth at creative commons
If life is hard enough, consider rolling it back to livable, maybe even to an enjoyable level, by removing the dairy, gluten, refined starch and sugar from your diet for 30 days.

If things get too good, you can always start eating them again.

When you try this, you probably won't need to take 2 aspirin, and you probably will call me in the morning, but just to tell me how much better life is.

                                                                               You can afford this treatment. Occupy it.


  1. Life IS remarkably better (& I didn't even cut out the sugar). If you think this is too hard to do, try living with a chronic disease or illness, there's nothing easy about that!

  2. Thank you Rachel! Lots of folks don't know what you have experienced, and can't imagine changing the foods they are eating. Please keep telling this story. You are literally saving lives.
    Dr. Young :)