Friday, September 16, 2011

Afraid of Cancer?

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Most of us know that cancer can be a pretty tough road, and one that often kills. So, it makes sense that we might have some fear about developing cancer, or having a loved-one develop it.

Fear activates the immune system and interferes with the function of the digestive system; each of which increase inflammation in the body. Inflammation is known to be a central factor in the initiation and progression of cancers.

So, we fear cancer, but fear can be a factor in the promotion of cancer. What's a body to do?

What we can do is to learn more about cancer and the factors that precipitate it, and those that keep it at bay. Most cancers are a direct cause of lifestyle; according to medical science. We can begin to practice more fully the optimization of our health and the tracking of markers that reflect cancer risk.

The following are just a few steps to begin with:

1)     make sure your sugar and refined starch intake is much lower than the American average,
2)     have your body composition measured annually - as body fat increases as a percent of total weight, inflammation and cancer risk increase,
3)     don't just have your blood glucose tested, have your insulin levels tested too - insulin can increase inflammation and cancer risk,
4)     have your Vitamin D blood levels tested and think beyond the normal reference range on the lab test - more and more studies are confirming that higher levels of Vitamin D confer greater protection from cancers such as breast, colon and prostate - discuss your results with a doctor that knows,
5)     if you aren't exercising regularly, start - exercise reduces cancer risk.

Finally, stay with this conversation. If you don't feel safe; address those feelings with intelligent, engaged behavior.

Oh yeah, many people state that they have found it difficult or impossible to find a healthcare provider to guide them in this, and other arenas of health and disease; don't give up, look actively, speak up, ask others, beat the bushes. Giving up doesn't work.

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